Work Experience


June 2012 – Current

Blue Sky Studios - CT USA

Position: Lighting Technical Director

Film Credits:    Spies In Disguise (2019)

                          Ferdinand (2017)

                      Ice Age Collision course (2016)

                      Peanuts (2015)

                      Rio 2 (2014)

                      Epic (2013)


- Working on teams within the Lighting Department, shot lighting, delivering final rendered film images using  Blue Sky  proprietary script based tools.

- Look development, Working with or without color keys, to develop, light, render and composite shots and                                      sequences, achieving art director's and director's vision.

- Lighting shots off-master and being able to take a shot from start to finish achieving visual aesthetic, working closely 

   with lighting supervisor, art director and director/s.

- Lighting shots that has been look developed by other lighters and maintain continuity through out all shots.

- Solve technical and artistic challenges either during master lighting or shot lighting process to assure shot delivery on time.


- Planning and working closely with compositors to tackle highly technical shots to achieve sequence-specific effects and

   visual style.

- Final compositing (internally referred to as mono-finishing) and taking the shot to the final compositing stage and handing         the shot to the stereo department.

- Mentoring Junior level lighters and interns, and provide needed support and knowledge for them to be able to light and              deliver shots within Blue Sky Studios' pipeline.

Jan 2018 – April 2018

Blue Sky Studios - CT USA

Position: Material Technical Director

Film Credits:     Spies In Disguise (2019) 


Using Blue Sky Studios scripting based procedural tool to apply materials to film assets. 

- Working closely with design call outs, art director and material supervisor to achieve the film's visual style of each                       Individual asset.

- Building physically correct shaders that behaves in a consistent and predictable manner in any lighting scenario.

- Researching, finding reference and/or photographing reference for each asset's look development process. 

August 2008 – June 2009:

Aroma Design and solutions - Cairo Egypt

Position: Visual Effects Generalist

Responsibilities as a generalist : 

- Delivering final 3D graphics based on client's brief and/or concept art. (using Maya and AE)

- Creating 3D elements from start to finish (Modeling, surfacing, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing)

- Integrating 3D elements with live action plates (for commercials and TV).

- Working as a team in an organized and collaborative environment, to deliver high quality 3D graphics for commercial and TV.

- Meeting with creative directors, as well as working collaboratively with advertising agencies to ensure visual and technical       requirements achieved.

- Look development and design. 


June 2007 – April 2008:

Cubes Post Production - Cairo Egypt

Position: Visual Effects Generalist


October 2005 – May 2007:

Sumerge software solutions - Cairo Egypt

Position: Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Art Director


Fall 2009 – Spring 2012:

Masters of Fine Arts

Savannah College of Arts and Design- Savannah, GA

Major: Animation


2003 – 2007

Bachelor Degree in Media Science

International Academy for Engineering and Media Science- Cairo, Egypt

Major: Multi Media and internet



- Blue Sky lighting proprietary tools

- Blue Sky material proprietary tools

- Houdini

- RenderMan

- Autodesk Maya

- Arnold Renderer (basic knowledge)

- Mental Ray

- Nuke

- Adobe After effects

- Adobe Photoshop